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Shiver fanmix - Sam/Grace - Awake My Soul
Finally posting some of the fanmixes I've done and have been enjoying myself.  Sharing is Caring



Howl : Florence and the Machine
Awake My Soul : Mumford and Sons
Even Now (Acoustic) : Dashboard Confessional
Picture : MuteMath
Every Word and Whisper Said : EastStrikeWest
Sleeping with Ghosts : Placebo
Home : Foo Fighters
All I Wanted : Paramore
Run : Snow Patrol
Running Up That Hill : Placebo (Kate Bush Cover)
Halo : Florence and the Machine (Beyonce Cover)
So Here We Are : Bloc Party
Canvas (Instrumental) : Imogen Heap

Rar file with all tracks and Cover

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Awesome mix :D

I love about half of those songs, and Howl is already on my Shiver playlist :D

glad u like. I just love Howl for this fandom so HAD to put it on there!


I looove Shiver, nd this fanmix is made of awesome, I love all though song (expecially "Running Up That Hill")

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