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so i suck at this remember to post things everywhere but been very busy this week on the book blog with posting twice everyday for my special theme week.

It's all about Music and Books because they are my two loves.  I shall leave a little linky here for y'all.  Yes I talk about MCR a fair bit but that's the beauty of having my own blog.

In exciting news about the blog I've been invited to an INVITE ONLY event at Bloomsbury Books for an afternoon lunch/tea and cake thing with author Mary Hopper.  Very squeeling exciting moment and plus i get to meet a bunch of book blogger buddies and i'm meeting the lovely Raimy who've i've known and blogged and tweeted too for ages now because we started book blogs about the dame time and have the same tastes in musci and books and cause she doesn't know London that well I'm meeting her early and we're hanging around town before the main event.

ANNNND one of my favourite authors, Jana Oliver, writer of Forsaken and Forbidden which has just come out is over in the UK in September and I love Jana because she's so nice and chatty online and her books are so freaking good and I got an email to do something on my blog with her as part of a blog tour. I nearly peed myself reading that email from her PR lady.

things are good.

My Chemical Romance at XFM

So I can't believe that I won 2 things related to MCR for this week but you don't YOU DO NOT turn away the awesome that is My Chemical Romance.  I was one of 3 winners on the XFM radio website/  You had to answer some band related quiz questions and then all the right answers were put in a hat and with the 3 of us and our plus ones and the other winners that won via the radio shows we went to a special performance of the band at the statio for a radio show to air on Monday and then MEET THEM AFTERWARDS!

So Becky arrived before me and said she say 3 of the band outside (probably having a sneaky fag) and so she was very hyped up.  We walked round to the entrance and said a quick hi to the awesome Steph 'Miss Captain Killjoy' that runs the MCRmy_London Twitter feed.  It's awesome.  We went inside and had a quick bag check and checked in at the main desk, got a nifty wrist band and a paper to write a question as k the band if picked.  Me and Becky decided not to enter a Q because we'd be too tounge tied to ask and know it was going on national radio.

Then we had to wait in the mini bar area for what seemd like forever and chatted with some lovely fans there.  One was a Supernatural fan so we bonded straight off for that!

Then some people that had their Qs picked to ask and their plus one's were taken 1st to be at the front and then we went in.  The room was like a small bit outside a studio room that the band was in and the view wasn't that great just because there were so many people for such a small space but I had the best view of Ray and saw them all at some points.  Plus there was a screen of a video feed that showed the band in the room so you could see something.  They performed 4 songs 'Na Na Na', 'SING', 'The only hope for me is you' and my fav off the new album and the next single 'Planetary (GO!)'.  I was a little suprised they didn't play any of the older tracks but I loved what they did play so that was great.  Toro tore it up for SING. he went full on head banging swing round the space action.  He made me swoon with joy.

Gerard's voice was so on point and when he sang the 'shut up and let me see your jazz hands' line me and Becky did indeed show our jazz hands.  I was suprised that the fans there were so not moving.  No bouncey except for me, Becky and couple other fans.  Their lose.  It did feel a bit like staring at someone at the zoo threw the glass but they ahd all the cool Danger Days shit like the flag and the Good Luck helmet.

Then after the playing and talking and such we were led out and told that we could wait and meet the band, so obvs we all waited.  There were strict no photos but we could get something signed and I'd brought along my 'Thank You For The Venom' vinyl slip case because it's my fav song of their's and one of the rare ones.

First I met Frank and made a bit of fool of myself as he had to ask my name like twice but I didn't hear him at 1st so at least i didn't forget my name this time!  I said how excited for saturday I was and he said they were too and they were practicing all tomorrow for it.  I said I was camping out tomorrow so it's a LONG weekend for me, he laughed a bit and signed my case.  He shook my hand first of course and Yes he still has the most epic eyes on the planet.  You could get lost in them!  I swapped places with Becky and met Ray. I love Ray.  He's so relaxed and chatty and nice.  Shook my hand, ask how u are and ur name, and then was very interested in the vinyl and said 'wow, jack the ripper.  I forgot we put that out. that's so cool'  Jack the Ripper was the live B-side cover on the vinyl.  i said the venom track was my fav and it was like "my" song and i even had a tattoo of it but in the french like off the Bullets album and he said it was cool.  I asked about the NME award show they playing and he seemed a bit confused about when it was asking 'that's not next week right?' I informed him it was like 2 weeks away so a while yet.

then Mikey was being all cool and shook my hand and said hey and stuff and i thanked him for coming to UK and stuff.  he was cool and sweet as ever.  Gerard was still chatting to Becky.  She had brought her moleskin sketch book to be signed because she loved it and had some of her art work in their and Ray had asked to look at it and then Gerard asked too. She was bashful but said yes and he said how he loved moleskin books and even pointed out specific things in her work and said 'that is really good, i love that' and sounded so sincere and meant it.  I thought I could her her melting in her boots!

He asked her about James Joyce's work and said about his sketch books filled with airport life drawings and stuff and Becky was a fan of them so they gushed together.  It was a magically thing to witness.  Gee then turned to me, shook my hand and signed my case and I said how I was loving all the art work and visuals for the new record and he thanked me for saying it and I said that I was seriously excited for Saturday and he said thanks again and they were looking forward to it and then that was it!

Becky and I were floating on a cloud all the way to the tube and home again!

Part 2 will come on Sunday after the camp out, the Meet and Greet and Gig at Wembley arena


Sorry for having an opinion; actually i'm not sorry AT ALL

So today was just a normal day

get up, go to work, make chocolate bars, pack sweets, serve customers, deal with orders.  the usual

However if you are a MCR fan, read the most recent NME article and have a twitter account then it was a bit of a tiz!

To sum up the article it discussed the band, their history, previous work, current tour and new album and the fans.  They were generally very positive about the music and past works but there were a few hints of meaness toward the fans but the real issue i had personally was how they handled and described the physical appearance of certain band members.

There were some slight remarks about Gerard and Frank being too pretty (fair enough because they are flipping amazing to look at) but the real issue was the dig at Ray Toro, guitarist and legend

To quote the whole passage:

Both men are rail-thin something Way attributes to not eating, rather than exercise, which he hates. For the new albume he wanted to look staving and on-the-run, though he actually looks healthy, certainly in comparison with his Xanax and cocaine days pre-Black Parade, when he ballooned to 200 pounds and got so blitzed his trousers fell down onstage. Back then, unkind souls dubbed him the emo Meat Loaf, such was his shambolic demeanour. Now he looks more like Christina Ricci.

In the background lurks guitarist Ray Toro the archetypal heavy metal nerd, with corkscrew hair and a wheedling voice. He doesnt look starving and on-the-run: when he takes off his Randy Rhodes, I notice doughy love handles spilling over his belt. Theres Mikey Way too, a silent, bookish presence, and a new drummer, Mike Pedicone, who doesn't reveal himself. He replaces Bob Bryar, who parted with the band in February. Way is quick to point out: My Chemical Romance is the four of us.

The MCRmy_London twitter account user (who is a lovely gal and very funny and friendly) made some tweets regarding the article and I replied to one of her's and the DEPUTY EDITOR of the NME who was also the interview that day replied to me personally.  This is the twitter convo as it came:

Me: @Mcrmy_London @lukelewis praise for the album but not so much for the band and the fans. 'Doughy' band members...really needed? I think not

Luke: @sisterspooky You guys are so po-faced. He's getting fat, I pointed it out, so what?

Me: @lukelewis hey, all I'm saying is why did it have to said at all. If u said that about a female act the reaction would be twice as bad.

Luke: @sisterspooky Well, whatever. I'm sure he's man enough to handle being called "doughy". I could've called him a fat bastard

Me: @lukelewis I thought the comment about the music and album were great but it was a shame about the other remarks. I'm just 1 fan, no doubt I'll be ignored but I can have an opinion too. Have a nice day

Me: @lukelewis I'm sure he is man enough and I'm very pleased you decided not to go with the other option. :-)

Luke: @sisterspooky Come on, you like MCR, I like MCR, let's not fight...

Me: @lukelewis see: MCR bringing people together. That's what Twitter was made for :-)

So that was that, THAT was also most of my lunch break.  The Mcrmy_london girly, Steph, went on to continue along with other fans no doubt in which they said it was clear he doesn't take critique well and he said no, he was enjoying it and Steph said 'Then you are as stupid as you look' and he didn't get the frustration and thoughts from the fans.  Luke 'Zinged' and the girls responded saying that Zing isn't even really and word and he didn't make much sense at all and it ended with Luke saying

@Mcrmy_London @JoyKillerXO OK, how about, 'Get lost you hysterical, humourless bellend'. Is that any clearer?

I got several praising tweets about what I said and now most of the MCR community is refusing to buy NME and I'm waiting to see next week's mag in which it'll feature the "MCR fan hysteria" of a bunch of bitching fans and such.  I look forward to the reading it in the shop and proceeding to shove it roughly back into the magazine rack. :-)
Red eye Gee

My Chemical Romance: Hammersmith Apollo: 23/10/10 aka the 24hrs I lost my marbles!

So the great epic tale began really some time ago when I first heard an mcr track but this recent chapter in my love affair with this band started after work on Thursday when I raced in my car over my cousin's Becky's house to leave my car and because she lives round the corner from a tube stop it meant easy access to and from London. After the agony of rush hour traffic I arrived, dumped my bag of overnight things and a quick bathroom pitstop and much mocking from Becky and my Uncle and I was off to meet Katie, fellow killjoy, fan and friend. She also ended up being my blanket buddy for the night.

Reaching the venue and because there was another band playing we had to que down the side of a car park in an area that can only be described as 'shady'. We got branded with a number from one of the other fans at the front and with that I was known as 38.

After an 'encounter' with ticket touts/ fake merch sellers that thought we were weird for queuing all night in the rain and cold and also even more weird for not drinking and me for reading a newspaper. Well anyway they left after selling their t shirts and then the venue workers moved us at midnight to the pens infront of the venue. The police and medical staff came by to give words of warning/ comfort and after we were told that no staff are back on duty til 9am we were left to the night.

Now as a disclaimer I should say I'm probably a LOT of all kinds of crazy so kids; don't camp on the streets of London with just a blanket and a bin bag to sleep on. You won't sleep, you will be so cold that u physically can't stop shaking. When it starts to rain you will get wet and have to huddle in the venue doorway like an actual hobo and u just will not sleep.

So I didn't die


Once we got back in our number order again we bared down for the rest of the day. The long day.

It was still cold, hungry stomachs and more rain late in the day. On the plus side Becky and Hannah arrived later and though in the end couldn't join us we not too far back and Katie and I as usual chatted and laughed with many MCRmy and I got recognised by a few from gigs gone by and from twitter and the lovely LJ. Odd but nice!

The 4 of us had lunch and the shopping centre and then bought some goodies in the poundland. E.g. Candy.

Once back in line it was just a matter of waiting and more waiting. I'll skip to us getting in the venue cause it's better from a story pov. Katie and I got barrier. For those that don't know, barrier is the holy land. The warm up band, Twin Atlantic, were pretty good. I'd deffo give their cd a listen, kinda had a Biffy Clyro vibe and cause they were from Scotland that made it an easier comparison to make.

So when mcr came on the place goes fucking mental. Like seriously someone flipped on the crazy switch and let the loonies out; and I was one of the biggest loonies! I lost control on my mental and physical self. I was thrashing around, banging and throwing myself against the barrier, screaming and wailing like a wild animal. This is the shit I love for!

They opened with the soon to be released album's opener which is a spoken word call to arms and then straight into the new single Na Na Na. Around 50 of us in the front row had card with 'NA' written on so when the chorus kicked in we were flashing them up and down to the beat. I did notice some smirks and smiles from some band members to this too.

All in all the set was amazing with a genuine mix of tracks from all their back catalogue and new stuff: FYI 'Planetary' is gonna blow the doors off your heads. Totally getting a punk rock Bowie vibe from it and 'the kids from yesterday' is sooooo U2 esqe but done by My Chem. They did possibly my fav tracks from all 3 current albums and before they performed 'Cancer' Gerard said a thanks to the fans and mini speech and that pushed me over the edge with the next track and Katie and I were crying and holding hands. Hell, the whole front row was tearing up from what I could see!

The new drummer was introduced, new material and look and after waiting 24hrs in the rain and cold ( from when I arrived to when they came onstage that is) it was more than worth it!

Now picture time. Warning: these photos may contain too much seski bad boy rockers in leather pants, exposed flesh and being awesome!

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Book geek goes to the next level

 So on Sunday after a wonderful shopping trip to the Comic Book market and getting about 13 back issues for under a £5 Leanne, Becky and I took to the streets of London to follow the path and hot spots featured in awesome new book by Cassandra Clare 'Clockwork Angel'.  I JUST finished this on the Saturday night and I just loved it!  If you've read her previous books from The Mortal Instruments series then this book as the 1st in The Infernal Devices trilogy is gonna be a new favourite.  The characters and dramatic element of the city itself was so wonderful for myself as a neighbour as such to the city and someone that visits 'up town' a fair bit I felt a thrill each time somewhere I knew was mentioned but as it was sent in the Victorian era it was like seeing the city I know in a new way too.

So after finding out that the main Institute building where the Shadowhunters live and work in the novel was based on an actual building we decided to aim for the St. Bride's Church just off Fleet Street to see this amazing building and relive the book to an extent.

I'll put a cut at this point with many photos of what we saw and thoughts of where we went.

Enjoy if you wish!
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MockingJay; Thoughts and Rants from a Reader

Ok first off if you haven't read this series go do it now cause it's one of the books that every child/teen/adult should read and it'll probably be on reading lists in schools in years to come and rightfully so.  In the vein of 1984, Brave New World and even Battle Royale.

The rest that follows in the most spoiler filled post about the final book in the series DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU'VE READ ALL 3 BOOKS

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay

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