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Book Hopping
so i suck at this remember to post things everywhere but been very busy this week on the book blog with posting twice everyday for my special theme week.

It's all about Music and Books because they are my two loves.  I shall leave a little linky here for y'all.  Yes I talk about MCR a fair bit but that's the beauty of having my own blog.

In exciting news about the blog I've been invited to an INVITE ONLY event at Bloomsbury Books for an afternoon lunch/tea and cake thing with author Mary Hopper.  Very squeeling exciting moment and plus i get to meet a bunch of book blogger buddies and i'm meeting the lovely Raimy who've i've known and blogged and tweeted too for ages now because we started book blogs about the dame time and have the same tastes in musci and books and cause she doesn't know London that well I'm meeting her early and we're hanging around town before the main event.

ANNNND one of my favourite authors, Jana Oliver, writer of Forsaken and Forbidden which has just come out is over in the UK in September and I love Jana because she's so nice and chatty online and her books are so freaking good and I got an email to do something on my blog with her as part of a blog tour. I nearly peed myself reading that email from her PR lady.

things are good.
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Great post! I want to see a follow up to this topic

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