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My Chemical Romance at XFM
So I can't believe that I won 2 things related to MCR for this week but you don't YOU DO NOT turn away the awesome that is My Chemical Romance.  I was one of 3 winners on the XFM radio website/  You had to answer some band related quiz questions and then all the right answers were put in a hat and with the 3 of us and our plus ones and the other winners that won via the radio shows we went to a special performance of the band at the statio for a radio show to air on Monday and then MEET THEM AFTERWARDS!

So Becky arrived before me and said she say 3 of the band outside (probably having a sneaky fag) and so she was very hyped up.  We walked round to the entrance and said a quick hi to the awesome Steph 'Miss Captain Killjoy' that runs the MCRmy_London Twitter feed.  It's awesome.  We went inside and had a quick bag check and checked in at the main desk, got a nifty wrist band and a paper to write a question as k the band if picked.  Me and Becky decided not to enter a Q because we'd be too tounge tied to ask and know it was going on national radio.

Then we had to wait in the mini bar area for what seemd like forever and chatted with some lovely fans there.  One was a Supernatural fan so we bonded straight off for that!

Then some people that had their Qs picked to ask and their plus one's were taken 1st to be at the front and then we went in.  The room was like a small bit outside a studio room that the band was in and the view wasn't that great just because there were so many people for such a small space but I had the best view of Ray and saw them all at some points.  Plus there was a screen of a video feed that showed the band in the room so you could see something.  They performed 4 songs 'Na Na Na', 'SING', 'The only hope for me is you' and my fav off the new album and the next single 'Planetary (GO!)'.  I was a little suprised they didn't play any of the older tracks but I loved what they did play so that was great.  Toro tore it up for SING. he went full on head banging swing round the space action.  He made me swoon with joy.

Gerard's voice was so on point and when he sang the 'shut up and let me see your jazz hands' line me and Becky did indeed show our jazz hands.  I was suprised that the fans there were so not moving.  No bouncey except for me, Becky and couple other fans.  Their lose.  It did feel a bit like staring at someone at the zoo threw the glass but they ahd all the cool Danger Days shit like the flag and the Good Luck helmet.

Then after the playing and talking and such we were led out and told that we could wait and meet the band, so obvs we all waited.  There were strict no photos but we could get something signed and I'd brought along my 'Thank You For The Venom' vinyl slip case because it's my fav song of their's and one of the rare ones.

First I met Frank and made a bit of fool of myself as he had to ask my name like twice but I didn't hear him at 1st so at least i didn't forget my name this time!  I said how excited for saturday I was and he said they were too and they were practicing all tomorrow for it.  I said I was camping out tomorrow so it's a LONG weekend for me, he laughed a bit and signed my case.  He shook my hand first of course and Yes he still has the most epic eyes on the planet.  You could get lost in them!  I swapped places with Becky and met Ray. I love Ray.  He's so relaxed and chatty and nice.  Shook my hand, ask how u are and ur name, and then was very interested in the vinyl and said 'wow, jack the ripper.  I forgot we put that out. that's so cool'  Jack the Ripper was the live B-side cover on the vinyl.  i said the venom track was my fav and it was like "my" song and i even had a tattoo of it but in the french like off the Bullets album and he said it was cool.  I asked about the NME award show they playing and he seemed a bit confused about when it was asking 'that's not next week right?' I informed him it was like 2 weeks away so a while yet.

then Mikey was being all cool and shook my hand and said hey and stuff and i thanked him for coming to UK and stuff.  he was cool and sweet as ever.  Gerard was still chatting to Becky.  She had brought her moleskin sketch book to be signed because she loved it and had some of her art work in their and Ray had asked to look at it and then Gerard asked too. She was bashful but said yes and he said how he loved moleskin books and even pointed out specific things in her work and said 'that is really good, i love that' and sounded so sincere and meant it.  I thought I could her her melting in her boots!

He asked her about James Joyce's work and said about his sketch books filled with airport life drawings and stuff and Becky was a fan of them so they gushed together.  It was a magically thing to witness.  Gee then turned to me, shook my hand and signed my case and I said how I was loving all the art work and visuals for the new record and he thanked me for saying it and I said that I was seriously excited for Saturday and he said thanks again and they were looking forward to it and then that was it!

Becky and I were floating on a cloud all the way to the tube and home again!

Part 2 will come on Sunday after the camp out, the Meet and Greet and Gig at Wembley arena

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