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Sorry for having an opinion; actually i'm not sorry AT ALL
So today was just a normal day

get up, go to work, make chocolate bars, pack sweets, serve customers, deal with orders.  the usual

However if you are a MCR fan, read the most recent NME article and have a twitter account then it was a bit of a tiz!

To sum up the article it discussed the band, their history, previous work, current tour and new album and the fans.  They were generally very positive about the music and past works but there were a few hints of meaness toward the fans but the real issue i had personally was how they handled and described the physical appearance of certain band members.

There were some slight remarks about Gerard and Frank being too pretty (fair enough because they are flipping amazing to look at) but the real issue was the dig at Ray Toro, guitarist and legend

To quote the whole passage:

Both men are rail-thin something Way attributes to not eating, rather than exercise, which he hates. For the new albume he wanted to look staving and on-the-run, though he actually looks healthy, certainly in comparison with his Xanax and cocaine days pre-Black Parade, when he ballooned to 200 pounds and got so blitzed his trousers fell down onstage. Back then, unkind souls dubbed him the emo Meat Loaf, such was his shambolic demeanour. Now he looks more like Christina Ricci.

In the background lurks guitarist Ray Toro the archetypal heavy metal nerd, with corkscrew hair and a wheedling voice. He doesnt look starving and on-the-run: when he takes off his Randy Rhodes, I notice doughy love handles spilling over his belt. Theres Mikey Way too, a silent, bookish presence, and a new drummer, Mike Pedicone, who doesn't reveal himself. He replaces Bob Bryar, who parted with the band in February. Way is quick to point out: My Chemical Romance is the four of us.

The MCRmy_London twitter account user (who is a lovely gal and very funny and friendly) made some tweets regarding the article and I replied to one of her's and the DEPUTY EDITOR of the NME who was also the interview that day replied to me personally.  This is the twitter convo as it came:

Me: @Mcrmy_London @lukelewis praise for the album but not so much for the band and the fans. 'Doughy' band members...really needed? I think not

Luke: @sisterspooky You guys are so po-faced. He's getting fat, I pointed it out, so what?

Me: @lukelewis hey, all I'm saying is why did it have to said at all. If u said that about a female act the reaction would be twice as bad.

Luke: @sisterspooky Well, whatever. I'm sure he's man enough to handle being called "doughy". I could've called him a fat bastard

Me: @lukelewis I thought the comment about the music and album were great but it was a shame about the other remarks. I'm just 1 fan, no doubt I'll be ignored but I can have an opinion too. Have a nice day

Me: @lukelewis I'm sure he is man enough and I'm very pleased you decided not to go with the other option. :-)

Luke: @sisterspooky Come on, you like MCR, I like MCR, let's not fight...

Me: @lukelewis see: MCR bringing people together. That's what Twitter was made for :-)

So that was that, THAT was also most of my lunch break.  The Mcrmy_london girly, Steph, went on to continue along with other fans no doubt in which they said it was clear he doesn't take critique well and he said no, he was enjoying it and Steph said 'Then you are as stupid as you look' and he didn't get the frustration and thoughts from the fans.  Luke 'Zinged' and the girls responded saying that Zing isn't even really and word and he didn't make much sense at all and it ended with Luke saying

@Mcrmy_London @JoyKillerXO OK, how about, 'Get lost you hysterical, humourless bellend'. Is that any clearer?

I got several praising tweets about what I said and now most of the MCR community is refusing to buy NME and I'm waiting to see next week's mag in which it'll feature the "MCR fan hysteria" of a bunch of bitching fans and such.  I look forward to the reading it in the shop and proceeding to shove it roughly back into the magazine rack. :-)


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