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MockingJay; Thoughts and Rants from a Reader
Ok first off if you haven't read this series go do it now cause it's one of the books that every child/teen/adult should read and it'll probably be on reading lists in schools in years to come and rightfully so.  In the vein of 1984, Brave New World and even Battle Royale.

The rest that follows in the most spoiler filled post about the final book in the series DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU'VE READ ALL 3 BOOKS

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay

  Ok so I JUST finished the book and this is kinda my immediate thoughts following and likely will probably change in days, weeks, months and years to come.  I posted a long winded comment on the wonderful Carla's book blog and this is really an expansion on that rant/thought vomit.  You should check out her blog because it's really good too.  LINK! LINK! LINK!

 ok  So i'll start by saying I am and was always Team Peeta.  I was just drawn to him in a stronger way than Gale though he was deffo not ruled out as a contender in the game of Katniss' heart but kinda got the vibe straight off that Peeta would win in the end because good guys generally do.  Not always a good thing but it happens none the less.

But even I wasn't totally happy with this book and the way it ended.  I kinda think because the previous 2 were so amazing in writing style , detail and just pure character grit and drama that it was a hard act to follow and close!  It was LEAGUES above Breaking Dawn and the ending of the Twilight saga because that was shite.  We could an actual battle and not a 'oh yer ok our bad. we'll just be going on back to Italy like bitches.'  Yer Meyer i'm still not happy with you about that 

Finnick.  I am not a crier by any means but I read his final moments, which I didn't see coming at all about 10 minutes before I left for work this morning and cried and had to redo my make-up.  TRAGIC!  He was just turning into a character with such depths and this is part of the talent that Suzanne Collins has at turning characters around and twisting them into different ways you didn't see or think they could go.

I loved the twist of Peeta being Highjacked because it was the worse fate for all 3 in the love triangle.  He was the ghost shell haunting Katniss like her nightmares and the shadow over Gale that he couldn't even get out under either because of his own issues or because Katniss would never let him.  Katniss was the cause of much of her own problems but she never truely came off as an annoying character or a woe is me type because to be honest she was just being truthful alot of the time but she made do and mended what she could.

ok time for the big flaw in this book as a whole.  WHY OH WHY DID THAT EPILOGUE GET LEFT IN THERE.  WHO WAS SLACKING IN THE EDITING DEPARTMENT AND FORGET TO RIP THOSE PAGES OUT!!!!  It's like the whole last chapter of Harry Potter where they all get married and are happy losers. BOOOOOOOO!  Not needed then and quite frankily taints the whole thing really.  In a way, even though I was rooting for Peeta, I either wanted Katniss to be dead by the end or to just be alone because like she said to herself after overhearing Peeta and Gale in the fur shop basement;  She didn't need either of them really.  She was just broken and clearly isn't ever going to be healed and needed to just fade away as the Mockingjay that changed everything.  Maybe with Peeta by her side, maybe not but just surviving in the battle and constant Hunger Games with herself and her confused mind.  Her eternal Hunger Games because like the Hotel California, you can check out but you never leave. 

Also I think that the best thing about the book and (most of) the ending is that the message is war doesn't have winners or losers; just survivors and all that remains are the people trying to survive and those that don't.

 That's all i can muster up to say right now.  More to come gradually I guess.Overall I still loved the book and the series as a whole.  It just didn't go the way I thought i would and i NEED to burn the last two pages.  but still good.

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Agreed. I am so confuzled by my feelings :-(
And where was Gale's ending?!?!?!? I was always Team Gale, I knew Katniss was going for Peeta, but could she have at least written him a proper ending? I mean, seriously. No goodbye or anything for her best friend? So not cool.

i know, this book could have possible made me believe in team gale because all we'd seen was a bit of gale swooning over katniss but mainly team peeta. but seriously

dude gets a job offer and decides to give up his true love and possible happiness? sounds like he didn't love her enough. i think they could have worked or at least tried but he always seemed pissed that she even had feelings for Peeta. she'd kiss him and he'd be all 'let's bring up Peeta and war and other stuff u don't wanna hear'


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